My first post in this series was about overcoming overwhelm. To get started, you have to find a manageable bit– a finite habit or task that you can do on a daily basis. I recommend starting your day by writing. The goal is not to solve all the world’s problems– it’s to create momentum making a choice for you.


Be Selfish

Writing every day is the right kind of selfishness. It’s a creative and proactive task that uses different parts of your brain than those associated with reactive tasks. It’s also proven to reduce stress because it reduces ruminative thinking that makes you vulnerable to increased cortisol production, i.e., spinning in circles and feeling like shit.¬†Both expressive writing and writing about life goals have been shown to work. Yea science!


Not one for writing? No problem. Make it a brainstorming session and be sure to jot down what you thought about. Some days, you may simply want to reflect on past notes, and that’s fine. Successful people spend time thinking every day. You can’t change the future without dedicating time and energy to it.

How else might you create time and space to think and focus more every day?

  • Run
  • Read
  • Meditate
  • Walk
  • Do Yoga


Whatever you do, do it first. Do it regularly. Be selfish about it. Be the type of person who takes control of your choices first thing, every day. That way, no matter what happens next, you started the day right.