May 2016

Are you living in a task-valuation bubble?

Alright, this is the startup geek in me coming out. Allow me to explain.

When we talk about “bubbles” these days, we usually mean some kind of investment is over-hyped and over-valued and therefore going to crash (or burst, as the case may be).

Many in the startup world are openly declaring the confidence game is over for startups. As if the big girls and boys who invest in those companies can be taken by the pitch “trust us and we’ll make you a lot of money.” The thing is, they’re all in on it together– trying to prop up valuations until they can dish it off on the investors who come later. That’s the game.

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Canary in the Coal Mine

Last night, while loading the dishwasher, I couldn’t find my favorite coffee mug. I didn’t think much of it, figuring it must still be on my desk upstairs. Nevermind, I thought– it’s full anyway. I closed the door and ran the load, not thinking anything of it.

Late this morning, continuing my slow-drinking coffee ritual long past the time the coffee pot warmer automatically turns off, I poured a cup to heat up in the microwave. And there it was: yesterday’s coffee mug, dutifully awaiting my return, evidence of my autopilot cycle short-circuiting.

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