Want to get in shape? Hit the floor with 10 pushups. Nothing is stopping you.
10 pushups a day = 3,650 pushups a year.


Or better: Spend 10 minutes a day walking. Park a couple blocks away. Get off the bus before your stop. Take the stairs. For all the days I don’t run (which is too often), squeezing in a walk break is surprisingly refreshing. Last week, a friend suggested we meet while walking and we strolled for a full hour. At 3 miles per hour, in 10 minutes you’ll add a half-mile walk into most daily routines.


Want a neater house? Start picking up after yourself throughout the day. No cleaning session needed. Moving one item from here to there (or throwing one out, or donating it) can quickly add up. Look around your house. Are there 3,650 things you’d like to move? Seems daunting, until you start to pick away at it. Don’t worry about finishing. Starting is your only concern. Average 10 items a day.


Want to start a business? Don’t hunt for a domain, or evaluate CRM tools, or start coding. Please, in the name of all that is holy, do NOT start coding. Validate your idea by asking potential customers about their needs and challenges. About how they solve your target issue today. Don’t build. Don’t organize. Don’t offer the solution. Find 10 people and start asking questions. If you aren’t testing your assumptions and validating your ideas first, you’re burning daylight.


Dependency-free action. It’s a beautiful thing. Now gimme 10.