This is one of my favorite quotes ever. It sums up my feelings of owning your choices about as clearly as anything could.


Several years ago, a student in a training I was running relayed a story about one of his colleagues walking up to the soft serve dispenser in the company cafeteria. She was after a satisfying treat to wrap up her lunch break, and apparently was less than enthusiastic about what she found.


“Frozen yogurt?! Don’t WASTE my time!”


Frozen yogurt to me (and clearly others, like that disgruntled cafeteria diner), is a half-measure. It’s pretend ice cream. There’s no point. If you’re going to half-ass a solution and pretend it’s the real thing, better to skip it altogether.


Is your work output the frozen yogurt of desserts? Are you telling yourself you want something but you aren’t really going for it?Ain’t nobody got time for that. Go for it, or don’t.


Don’t WASTE your time!