Ambition is a powerful motivator, but ambition to do or create or achieve what, exactly? Any why? Because others have already done more?


Comparison and ambition are not compatible.


Yeah, you know, there will always be someone who’s done “it” sooner than you, bigger than you, for more money than you. You know that. Rationally you are aware this statement is true. And yet, viscerally, you get jealous, resentful, even angry about what others have done that seem to have outpaced the things you have done. Useless. And stupid.  Case in point:

Researchers find that the more time people spend on social media, the more depressed they become when comparing their lives to others. By constantly referencing the pictorial perfection that is portrayed through social media accounts, it makes people feel bad about their own lives for not seeming as exciting and perfect.


On top of feeling depressed by comparing our lives to others, depending on the amount of likes and dislikes we do and do not receive, the depression may intensify.


Maybe it’s not about achieving, for you, but about doing it in a fully-present, completely mindful, perfectly sustainable, impeccably balanced, Pinterestfully beautiful kind of way. And worse– that people should notice and thumb’s up the glory of it all. Same difference.


Put that baggage down. It’s too heavy, and there’s nothing in it you need, anyway. Every moment you spend tending to it, looking through it, feeling bad about it, is a moment lost. You didn’t even give it away. You didn’t sell it and earn anything. You didn’t change and learn anything. You just lost it to the ether.


Stop it. You have better things to do.