Early in my career, I was in a room, training new franchise owners about sales and marketing. I had owned my own franchise and did quite well, but I liked to bring in other successful franchisees to talk about their experiences for added insight and perspective. This time, it was Kathy’s turn. One of the most experienced and successful franchisees in the system, I could always count on Kathy to speak her mind, and often teach me something in the process.


Deep into our little “fireside chat,” a new franchisee broached the topic of feeling uncomfortable with getting out there and marketing one’s business. So I asked Kathy, “There must be things you don’t like about running your business. How do you deal with that?”


I’ll never forget the look on her face as she dismantled the very idea:

How do I do things I don’t like? What does that have to do with anything?! I run my own business. I am so lucky. Oh my God, get over yourself. Who says you have to like everything? That’s stupid. Seriously. Don’t buy a business then.


I learned that this feelings-be-damned kind of attitude is common among highly effective people. Feelings aren’t the point. Are you on a path, or are you not? Get to it. Let your actions teach you how to feel about it. Or don’t, and nothing will change and no one will ever notice… if that would make you feel better.