Wow. Didn’t expect that to happen.

Alight. If I’m really honest. I kinda did expect it: I haven’t published to my blog in six full months.

Granted, I went on vacation, started a business (this), and pieced together some freelance and consulting work that chewed up more hours than I expected. But here’s the thing: those are stupid excuses. Writing is good for me. So is exercise (which I’ve barely done). It’s necessary to tend to those needs.

There’s a certain rhythm to a day, a week, a month and a year that, taken together, tell a story. My story has been that I’m out of balance and, in the long run, something will fall apart because of it. Our bodies, minds, businesses and relationships are all little interdependent ecosystems. When we sacrifice the health of one for the sake of the other, despite our best “effort,” we limit our capacity to do and be more.

I wouldn’t say my failing to write has harmed me. It’s more insidious. It’s the difference between smoking and sitting. Actively harming your health for the sake of a fix, vs passively harming your health for the sake of work and productivity. A status quo that feels fine, not great.

Greatness is harder. Greatness takes focus and self-awareness. Greatness is a choice. Greatness doesn’t care about no status quo. Greatness requires more.

Six month hiatus? Fuck it. Who will remember? Who will care?

I choose to start again…