When there is too much to do, or think, or finish (and there often is), the world won’t stop to wait for you. It won’t let you rest. It won’t let you focus. Only you can do that.


Many of the most successful people in the world maintain demanding schedules, juggle responsibilities and discover their peak performance by expertly managing their mornings. How I manage my mornings makes all the difference.


Build Your Life Raft with Routine

A morning routine accomplishes three key things:

  1. It frees you from decision-making, which preserves willpower.
  2. It gives you time to think, plan and act, before the day makes you react.
  3. It builds mindful awareness of what’s within your control and what isn’t.


Here’s my typical routine:

5:00 – Out of bed, make coffee, slowly wake up
5:30 – 5 minute meditation using the Simple Habit app
5:35 – Thinking, reading and/or writing (they all go hand-in-hand)
6:30 – Review and plan my day, check email
6:40 – More writing/creating
7:15  – Help my daughter get off to school
7:45 – A few chores around the house
8:00 – Check the news online
8:15  – Head to the gym or shower and get to the office, or finish up morning work

While the pieces might move around from one day to the next, the effect is the same: I take the time to put my priorities first and to get my head on straight. Whatever comes next is a whole lot easier to handle.