Certain daily patterns work for you. Others work for me.


I’m not even talking about habits; I’m talking about your natural rhythm. Perhaps it’s circadian. Perhaps it’s just individual differences at play. Whatever it is, you’ve got to find it, recognize it, and go with it. You’ll be smarter, more effective, and happier that way.


I’m naturally at my best early in the morning, and pretty unreliable when it comes to getting much done late in the evening, so I try not to. That said, I do like to think about the next morning and find myself noting ideas that spring to mind when I’m relaxed at night.


I can and do get so dialed in to working that on occasion, it’s nothing to find myself cranking away until the middle of the night. But that’s not normal, and I don’t wish it was. I used to be able to pull an all-nighter whenever I pleased, sans caffeine. Not anymore. I need my sleep.


Work is easy… when it’s easy. Too bad we so often fight our natural tendencies. We say things like, “I should be able to work longer hours. I should be able to stay up and focus.” Really? Why? Work in a way that works for you.


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